RMF Construction Services introduced the training centre now known as RMF Training Academy in order to cater for internal training needs. However, due to our fantastic facilities and highly qualified trainers, we are proud to say that our training sector is now providing training not just for our workforce but also for the public who wish to gain qualifications within the construction industry.

RMF Training Academy C.I.C. We offer a range of accredited courses geared at equipping our workers with the necessary qualifications to enable them to work at construction sites, as well as providing them with transferable qualifications which are desired across the industry. The courses we offer are often pre-requisites in obtaining relevant labourer’s cards which are mandatory on many construction sites nationwide.

Whether you are looking to change career path and need to obtain relevant qualifications or are established in your industry and require additional or top-up training, here at RMF Training Academy C.I.C, we have the expertise to accommodate your requirements

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